A church for all. Although we are a Methodist Church, as there is no other church in the village our membership comes from a spectrum of backgrounds - Anglicans and Catholics as well as Methodists and those with no particular denomination. 
This diversity is reflected in our life together, which draws on a wide range of Christian traditions. 
We believe in a church that is inclusive and family-centred, that embraces a variety of spiritualities, and that increasingly meets and shares together 'on-line' as well as in our lovely chapel. We try not to be 'religious', but instead to concentrate on working out how to live the kind of life set out in the gospels, and to become the kind of loving and caring community to which Jesus calls us.

Our Sunday services vary from week to week - once a month we have a family service where all ages stay together; other weeks our children spend some time separately in their 'Sunday school'. We have communion around once a month, and every two months or so we have a 'cafe church', where we sit at tables and have coffee and buns as part of worship which tends to include videos and conversation.
As well as every Sunday, we also have occasional short services on weeknight evenings (including a monthly Catholic mass), and the building is well-used for community activities during the week. 

You will find more information on all of this, and much more, in this website, so please come in and explore what we are about. 
We aim to serve the local community in whatever ways we can, as both a spiritual and a practical resource. 
The chapel provides a useful suite of community rooms which we make  available for community events such as the village fete and local history club exhibitions, and we hire out space for both regular clubs and meetings and one-off events and private parties. 
The chapel also hosts Blackshaw Parish Council's meetings and provides a performance space for Colden School.
In the porch is our Christmas manger, which is well-used all year round as the village's collection point for donations for two local food-banks.
The chapel is a spiritual base for celebrating and remembering all the landmarks of personal and civic life, and  provides further ministry to the community through its beautiful graveyard. 

‘Waymarks’ is our proposal for an on-line community of those who would like to commit to a shared spiritual journey.

Find out more here : ‘Waymarks’
The Quiet Place

We have stopped opening the quiet place on Friday evenings for the time being, due to a shortage of resources.
You can still visit the quiet place online

Room Hire

We have a selection of rooms available for hire.
We hire out the upper hall, or the two lower rooms, in each case complete with kitchen use.
Hire charges depend on whether the proposed use is commercial/private; community, or charitable.

Hire charges for either the upper or both lower rooms are currently :
Private parties & commercial (entry-charging) use : £15/hour for the first 2 hours, then £10/hour.
Use by community & non-profit-making groups: £7.50/hour for the first 2 hours, then £5/hour.
Charitable use (eg registered charity fundraisers) : free of charge at our discretion.
Please email us with your enquiry.

For information the following dates are already booked (as well as weekly events as above):
Alternate Friday evgs (gaming club-see above) :AND the following dates : 
Blackshawhead Chapel 
Blackshaw Head 
Hebden Bridge 

Minister : Rev Kathie Heatcoat
email Kathie : kathryn.heathcoat@methodist.org.uk
Telephone Kathie 01422 320856
Lay pastor : Roger Munday
email Roger : blackshawhead.chapel@me.com
Telephone Roger: 01422 844214